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Disclaimer: there will be a number of 3rd party companies mentioned throughout this article. While I have no affiliation with either, I consider them the tested tools for account based marketing. There are many, many others like them and the choice to go with one or the other is based on your unique campaign guidelines and your personal approach.

A few years ago, account based marketing, simply referred to as ABM, started to be the fashionable choice especially if you were targeting enterprises and managing thought leadership campaigns. The ability to go super focused after just a few accounts that…

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I just entered my 3rd trimester of pregnancy a few days ago.

At the beginning of my sex life I was obsessed with not getting pregnant. I vividly remember being about 20–21 years old and having sex with my then long time boyfriend and thinking how bad it would be to get pregnant. I mainly used condoms, but allowed a few minutes of unprotected play and it was in those minutes that I either saw myself ruining my life with a baby or burning in hell, no in between. It was also the beginning of online media, internet and all…

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I started my career distributing flyers and brochures to random people who just happened to cross paths with me in the supermarket or event venue I was working at. I handed over small pieces of paper with promotions or discounts on coffee shampoo or food products, all of them, probably, with a nice design and a great brand message. Probably, because I don’t really remember reading or actually being interested in the information presented.

The gig was like this: I was around 19 and, in need of a part-time or project-based job during college, I submitted my resume to an…

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So let’s just say you have an ecommerce platform. You’re selling products online, either your own or you act as a marketplace. You want to attract new business by investing in advertising and building brand awareness using other than the ‘classic’ SEM tactics (which are great for demand generation and buying clicks, but let’s face it, competition is so high you have to go the extra mile) but you’re not really sure about your market fit.

How can you know for sure you are telling the correct story for your products so that the audience is more than happy to…

I’ve always been interested in the topic of weight loss, in this specific geography, and the rise of shows like Honey Boo Boo and My Big Fat Fabulous Life completely fueled my fascination. I couldn’t pinpoint where it started, maybe because I was a rather chubby kid (and got lucky genes as I lost all the extra weight at puberty without pretty much-doing anything), but the interest stayed with me for years.

Another interest that I had for about 8 years now is the human mind, processes that define our choices, likes, dislikes, the whole shebang, where the behavior economics…

If you’re one of the 70% of people around the world who work remotely at least once a week, you know the sudden silence that drops on you the moment you end a conf call. You know what I’m talking about. One minute you’re in the middle of a very lively — sometimes too lively — discussion with your entire team, or a vendor, or your boss, and the next thing you know five stars appear on your screen next to a small message asking you to rate the quality of the call.

And that message on the screen doesn’t…

Once in a blue moon I stumble upon a book and I can’t stop raving about it. A few years ago, the same thing happened with Bertrand Russell’s The Conquest of Happiness, a very small and easy read on how you’d be more happy if you’d Just.Let.It.Go. I turned full blown fan girl and bought that book for all my friends, one of which actually got it on two separate occasions. Yup, I gave her the same present twice.

And I feel something similar happening with Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most.

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Now, whenever people shove something in…

In the words of A-ha, summer moved on and the way it goes, you can’t tag along — and what a summer it has been!

We decided in June to have a two weeks road trip vacation in Spain after realizing that both Spain AND Portugal in one road trip would be a bit too over the top and booked the plane tickets immediately; we knew where we’d land (Malaga) and from which city we’d depart (Barcelona), but hardly made any plans in between.

As time went by, I kept researching routes, but there wasn’t anything on TripAdvisor & Co…

I hate the word “entrepreneur”.

Okay, so I don’t really hate it, it’s just a word and I don’t normally have a strong visceral reaction for inanimate objects (although, judging by the time my boyfriend spends sleeping maybe I shouldn’t venture into the ‘not having feelings for inanimate objects’ territory, but that’s a story for another-day-me). Let’s just say I roll my eyes so hard it almost hurts whenever I hear it.

When I hear “entrepreneur”, I immediately think of Elon Musk. I like that one. But on a more general overview, the word itself makes me think of a…

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There is nothing in the world, neither man nor Devil nor any thing, that I hold as suspect as love, for it penetrates the soul more than any other thing. Nothing exists that so fills and binds the heart as love does. Therefore, unless you have those weapons that subdue it, the soul plunges through love into an immense abyss.”

Said Umberto Eco in his 1980 novel, The Name of the Rose. While I’ve read the book, I found it surprising that it was published only 30 something years ago. …

Andreea M.

Marketing Manager in the IT Industry. Storyteller.

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