What do YOU really want?

Be honest. Regardless of any social norms. Regardless of your current living and/or working situation. What makes YOU happy? If you are true to yourself, if you take five minutes to be sincere with the person that’s most important in your life - you - what could you possibly discover there?

Take a look. When no one else is next to you, what do you do? Who are you when there’s only you around? What do you think when you look in the mirror? While you absentmindedly put on some mascara or shave in the morning, what do you daydream about? What do you expect to happen in that day, the day you are just getting ready for?

What do you dream about? Listen to your dreams, but not in that ‘what is the Universe or Higher Power trying to say to me’, but what is it in my subconscious that I really want? Who am I really?

When the self is constrained by a difficult or less than ideal reality, a sense of despair comes upon you and you tend to react to those around, not act as you want.

There’s a myth going around in pop culture and somehow we, as humans, use it as an excuse to justify our lack of action. Because placing blame on outside factors is infinitely more easy than to take responsibility and say what we really want and how we really feel.

That myth says something among the lines of “we use only a small percentage of our brain”, but the underlying message is that “could you believe all the things I could do and how great I could be IF I’d use all my brain power, but unfortunately I’m constrained by simple, physical error”.

It’s a lot more simple to place blame on outside factors than really look at what’s inside of us and see what is going on there. But the thing is there have been numerous studies done on the brain to see if certain areas are left completely in the dark, when exposed to an MRI, which would demonstrate that we truly only do use a small brain power and following these tests this myth has been, well, busted. Don’t take my word for it, read Theater of the Mind and see the full report.

Thing is, when you settle, you’ll forever lie to yourself that you don’t have enough power to try to have all you want. Because you should at least try to have it all. But before trying, you have to find out what you really want.

Don’t settle. You can use every little atom in your being. Just find out first what YOU really want.

Marketing Manager in the IT Industry. Storyteller.

Marketing Manager in the IT Industry. Storyteller.