You are the sum of the experiences you’ve had so far, the sum of all the heartbreaks and comebacks, illusions, dreams and moments of sheer happiness.

You are all the feelings you are made of, may those be fear, self-loathing, hope or despair. Everything that has happened so far made you who you are and you are no less than perfect for the present. Your only goal in life is to become who you are, nothing more and nothing less.

The saying is “let it go”, but it’s easier said than done. You can’t just “let it go” because whatever the “it” is, it’s who you are, it’s part of you. It’s what made you you and what shielded you from disasters so far. Don’t be so quick to hang your amour. But realize that, not in spite of everything, but due to everything, you are just fine. You’ve made it so far and it’s more than enough. You’ve managed to hold your head above water and didn’t let the Earth crumble beneath you.

Don’t fix it, because when something needs to be fixed, it implies it’s broken. And you are not broken, you are just the sum of some strange, unusual, maybe difficult experiences. Embrace them, they’re part of you, they made you who you are.

You are here. Which means you’ve done an awesome job with the cards you’ve been dealt.

You are just fine.

Marketing Manager in the IT Industry. Storyteller.

Marketing Manager in the IT Industry. Storyteller.